Nacra 18 Infusion MKII

The Nacra Infusion is made with the latest production technology and hull design by a company famed for quality production. The Nacra Infusion is the most innovative sports catamaran on the World market.

The Nacra Infusion is the only production catamaran that is made with infusion technology. This technique makes sure that weigh distribution in manufacture produces a much stiffer hull compared to conventional methods, and stiffness of hull produces extra performance in high level racing for many more years. The production of dagger boards and rudder blades is also new, being made in three dimensional shaped aluminum moulds using high compression to give Nacra F18 Infusion stiffer and stronger blades for high level racing. The Nacra Infusion features a wing mast that provides superb rig dynamics coupled with advanced sail design from Performance Sails.

Hull design
Wave piercing technology is the way forward as the Nacra A2 has proved, and the Nacra Infusion develops this technique. Compared to conventional hull shapes, wave piercing hulls gives less water resistance hence more energy that can be turned into boat speed, especially upwind where the boat pitches less than other traditional F18's hence sailing significantly quicker. In light conditions the boat is wave piercing but as the wind increases the crew weight is moved further aft and the boat starts to plane upwind !! In contrast to classic designs, the Nacra F18 Infusion stabilizes itself at higher speeds due to dynamic lift, hence reducing pitching to low levels, which means that there is a more consistent airflow over the sails and rig which is translated into more boat speed.


  • Canted hulls. 4 degrees
  • Innovative bow/deck water shearing design
  • Semi encapsulated front beam
  • Flush decks.
  • Gybing dagger boards
  • Wing shaped mast profile
  • Maximum raised rear beam
  • Self tacking jib system
  • Exclusive side laced mesh trampoline
  • Pull up dagger board system
  • Low bridle
  • Nacra kick-up rudder system
  • Canted front beam in direction of mast rake
  • "Shark fin" high aspect rudder blades
  • Ultra-clean deck lay out
  • Nacra mid pole spinnaker system with snuffer
  • High aspect asymmetrical spinnaker
  • High aspect jib
  • High aspect square topped mainsail


Length: 18ft (5.52 m)
Width: 8.5ft (2.60 m)
Sail Area:
Main Sail: 182 sq ft (17 m2)
Jib Area: 37.13/44.67 sf ft (3.45 / 4.15 m2)
Weight: 397 lbs. (180 kg)
Mast Length: 29.79 ft (9.08 m)